Ways To Save On Your Heating Bill

If you live in a climate that suffer from extremely cold winters like I do, you may have difficulty paying the high heat bills. There are a few ways that you can save money on your heat bill by just doing a little “pre-winter” housework. Use these tips on how to save money on your heat bills.

Watch where you step on. Do not step on the aeroliteinsulation.co.za (especially if it is foam insulation) or on the drywall. Both were not made to support human weight. Stay on top of the rafters or trusses and always stay at the center of the beams. Moving to the sides will cause an imbalance and may cause the rafters to tip over.

Replace old energy-hungry appliances. Many choose to only replace their old appliances when they no longer work, mainly due to the cost. However, when looking at new ones don’t let the price be the main selling point. Consider how much energy you can save each year over the life expectancy of the new appliance and see how much money the new one will save you each year. You can see how fast the new appliance can pay for itself by the reduced energy cost alone. Most new Australian appliances now have a visible energy rating displayed prominently. For larger items such as fridges and washing machines, make sure you go for substance as well as style. Take note of the energy rating and source an appliance that is efficient and environmentally sound.

When consulting on new home construction we advise people not to put the ductwork in the attic. You can lower your cooling loads by as much as 20% just by getting the ductwork out of the attic. Now I know that isn’t always possible so we recommend placing the ductwork directly on the ceiling joists and covering it with cellulose insulation. This along with an attic radiant barrier makes for a pretty efficient heating and cooling system.

Insulation of attic stairs kits is pretty straight forward. Do what carpenters did to the ceiling!! Insulation cuts rather cleanly: do attic stairs insulation and with a small paper mask you should do just fine. Now you need to worry about vermin. There are ways to lay traps that let them out but not back in. If you have bats it is worse. Only during certain seasons can they be evicted. You don’t want mummified bat babies up there!!

Staying on the environmental and financial theme, as your light bulbs break replace them with the energy saving variety. It might not be worth rushing out and replacing all existing traditional bulbs, but as they break it can save a lot by replacing them with long life bulbs. Or even just replace the most commonly used bulbs for now.

I will look forward to returning to this home someday, dodging a few more foam darts, and speaking to the homeowners about the results of their energy saving retrofits and repairs. My guess is the old power bill will be a little lower and the home a little more comfortable.

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