How An Ideal Condo Looks Like

The email came in this last winter from a young couple who had bought a charming vintage four room, one bedroom condo in a friendly, walk-to-everything location. They loved the place, but needed a home office and an area for her burgeoning scrap book hobby. Could I come over and talk about looking for a larger home and selling their current one? I had sold them their home (I am a real estate broker and author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home) just over two years ago and set up a date to talk over the possible move to a larger home, but I wasn’t convinced that they really needed a move, I thought to myself that they needed a fresh perspective on the space they already had.

If you picture the country of Panama as a stumpy version of an upper-case “T”, the Azuero Peninsula sits secretly at the bottom–the part where you pick up your pen and move on to the next letter. Its southern-most tip, Cambutal, lies about seven degrees from perhaps the hottest and most famous line in the world, the equator. The region is characterized by rolling hills, stunning beaches, and a rugged coastline, off of which lie some of the most pristine islands in the entire country. And no, they didn’t film Survivor here.

On the one hand, we all have some gleeful anticipation of the season – the silly and heart-warming movies and TV specials, the decorations, kids singing carols at the mall and all those paid days off. And on the other hand, many of us dread the pressure and pace of Christmas cards, shopping, the crowds, and ultimately (gulp) the obligatory family gatherings.

When it comes to choosing a fishing guide, there are several really nice, inexpensive fishing charters in St. Pete Beach and in nearby Treasure Island. Some will even give you a deal if you fish with the whole family. The best charters are those that offer all-inclusive packages with the cost of the trip, plus equipment, all calculated in.

Choosing a golf course for your package is where the true excitement is when you attend Myrtle Beach. Some of the courses you may choose from may be the Aberdeen, Arcadian Shores, or even Arrowhead. Aberdeen Country Club contains a 27 hole course geared up with wide landing areas along with the company of the Waccamaw Riv. Arcadian Shores is ready that you take their challenge having its oversized greens and high reputation. Arcadian Shores was in the top 100 courses in the country in the 1980’s, and was used with in the 1990’s. Arrowhead, voted “S. C. Best Course in 1998”, is another interesting course that’s 27 holes and some sort of refreshing new greens. There is an over-all alphabet of gulf courses available in area.

Keeping the place neat and tidy shouldn’t be a worry. There are service personnel who will help you maintain the place. Keeping your condo in good and healthy shape need not be your concern. This crew will be more than happy to help in keeping not just your place but your environment clean. Miami Beach riverfront residences are highly secured as well so you need not fret about security. There are cameras and guards who will protect and ensure not just your interest but also your assets. What this means for a condo owner of course is privacy and safety. This ensures you to live well having that peace of mind.

Besides being a safety issue, glass bottles on the beach are an eyesore. Littering at the beach makes no sense to me. Why go and pay several hundred dollars for a Gulf front view that you then litter with glass bottles? Perhaps you should find a hotel by the garbage dump. Then you would have the same view you are leaving behind for others to enjoy.

Negotiating an offer on a condo can be tricky and presents a lot of dos and don’ts. Your realtor will make sure that you do all of the right things so you get the cheapest price on the condo, and will also steer you away from making any mistakes on the offer. You of course want to come in lower than the asking price, but you do not want to come too low. This at times can offend the seller to the point that they will never sell you the condo after that low offer came in, even if you do come up in your offer. Your realtor is there to guide you throughout the entire process so that it saves you money, saves you time, and makes sure you find the condo that fits you the best.

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