Fat Dad Wants To Join His Kids In The Pool

Your son or daughter just came home from school holding that wonderful form to sign up for youth soccer. There on the bottom is that wonderful question, “Would you like to help, by being a Coach or Assistant Coach?” Come on, check that box. You know it could be fun. Coaching youth soccer often falls squarely on the shoulders of parents, who many times have never played the game. Are you up for the challenge?

Set up a grid 20 by 30 yards to work on both feet in dribble attack, recommends Sam Snow, director of coaching education for U.S. Youth Soccer, in “How to be the Best Youth Sports Parent.” Play a three-versus-three game where the dribbling players try to get past the defenders. Award points for a successful dribble to a specified goal line and add an extra point for dribbling past with the weak foot Adidas AdiPure IV SL.

You should have your players maintain a soccer Journal and encourage them to study their notes in between practices. These offenses principles would make a nice one-page entry in their journal. These are the words that you should use in practice to make sure that they understand and apply the principles of offense.

The problem with soccer clubs today is the cost. With the economy today, the average family cannot afford to pay the cost for their kid to join a soccer club. Many clubs want their players to use certain equipment and wear certain uniforms. The cost of the necessary equipment to properly equip a player can be more than the average family can afford.

Kids should be given regular feedbacks to enable them to work upon themselves. But make sure these feedbacks are given after and not through the session. When communicating with the kids, make sure you converse in their language which is most important.

C. Set up a “Fundamentals Mastery Game” where players are tested according to their ability to exhibit the key fundamentals. By doing this, players will constantly be working on passing, dribbling, shooting, and teamwork. WHY? FACT–NBA players are not even “masters” of the games’ fundamentals, so why should we think kids are?

So, as a soccer coach, your job is to help build self-esteem and confidence to win soccer games and the best way to do that is to let them know that they are great soccer players and without each and every one of them, the team will not win. When they feel valuable, they become valuable. And you as a coach will have the greatest of times right along with those kids on the pitch. How do you think I know that?

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Fat Dad Wants To Join His Kids In The Pool

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