Dental Marketing Blunder That Will Bankrupt Your Practice!

The truth is, a dental website needs the same amount of attention as a good postcard, or phone book ad. Pretty pictures and fancy animations do not effectively CONVERT the visitor into a patient, and that’s the whole purpose right?

The great thing about running a free standing insert in internal dental marketing services is that you have a LOT of space to tell the story, to educate, to agitate problems, and to give really good benefits and reasons why they should call you TODAY! When I read most dental ads, they are missing the “hook”, or the reason why people should continue to read, be interested, or quite bluntly care at all about this ad that you have placed. The key to grabbing this is to make the ad emotion based, news based with special interest, pain based, testimonial driven, or “celebrity based”(turning yourself into a celebrity!). There are more ways, but the bottom line is that when you are searching for ideas of ways to rotate “what” you are going to place, then that’s a good start.

In this article, doctors from the dental office of Smile Staten Island, located in New York, will show to you the benefits of using a free standing insert as a dental practice act in dental advertising. They will share with you how much profit they got from this free standing insert as they used it in dental advertising as a dental practice act. They will also share with you how using their free standing insert, as a dental practice act, effectively brought in new patients into their dental practice. And this is something that we focus specifically at our dental practice website!

These people do have money to make this their perfect day. They also want to have the best wedding pictures known in the land. Every bride wants to be better and more beautiful than the last. This is a market you need to tap into.

In the olden days, word of mouth might have been the only option to build your dental practice; that plus the yellow pages. But you are a modern dentist and you have a web site, maybe even a Facebook Page. What’s that you say “build it and they will come”. Probably not!

In fact, if you want to provide your current patients with a lot of information, but drive your new visitors to become patients, why not have 2 websites?

And why in the world would you want your ad to attract prospects interested in “affordable” dentistry. People looking for a discount are a bad audience to go after.

Track Your Progress – Implement some way of tracking the outcome of your efforts. For example, ask new customers who come into your office how they heard about you. This will allow you to see which of your dental marketing tactics is working and which ones you may need to discontinue. Remember, though, it can take awhile for a new strategy to produce results. Stick with a technique for a month or two until you are certain it is not working for you.

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Dental Marketing Blunder That Will Bankrupt Your Practice!

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