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Have a teacher. Most colleges and even universities these days have music courses, and one of them would include how to play the guitar. Of course, it means that you’re going to pay tuition fees. However, the good thing is that you will be taught more about music in general how to read notes and how to compose or arrange songs.

I have taught many older people that have said, “I wish I had learned to play when I was younger” and “children can learn a lot quicker” and “maybe I won’t be able to learn at my age”. Yes children will pick things up a little quicker because that’s the nature of being a child, to learn new things everyday. Adults however, are probably better at applying themselves to one particular subject such as music.

Once you have ascertained which type and strength of reed suits you best, assuming you are not making your own, where would you purchase good quality reeds. One over-riding piece of advice I would give here is to always, always buy reeds which have been handmade. In these days of online shopping, use your search engine to track down reeds made by specialists. If you do go into a music shop chatswood to buy reeds for oboe, always ask if the reeds are handmade. If the shop assistant can’t or won’t answer, take that as a “No!” The mass produced reeds are made on machines and come to you totally untested. They will cost you just as much as handmade reeds, often, in my experience, even more and 90% of the time they are complete rubbish!

Learning music is about what you personally want to get out of it. You might for instance want to learn to play one piece of music or a book of music or just to see how far you can go. There are no limits. You can learn at your own pace.

Wayne’s sister was a great singer and guitar player. When she was about 17 years old Wayne gave her his Gibson guitar and never could really afford another one. Wayne loved his sister and never thought it was any great thing because that’s the kind of guy he was. Now most guitar players would die before parting with their Gibson and I have never been able to buy one. So I could understand what a wonderful gift this was.

Ok, next item – electronics. Electronics sales are very high in Singapre. You can find great bargains in Funan the IT Mall or Mustafa at Little India. I suggest you avoid those touristy places like Lucky Plaza or shops along Orchard Road. Oh, and please remember that the voltage requirements in Singapore are 220V – we follow a British-style three-pin plug.

The next way to tell is to just do a little bit of research. Some companies have proved themselves in the cassette tape holder industry, while others you may never of heard of before. Obviously, the ones with the reputation are going to be a safer bet, but some of the smaller companies could have quality as well. So what do you do?

A metronome is an optional extra. A metronome is a device that ticks at a steady beat for you to practice playing along with. It is not essential to start with, but you may find it useful to buy one later on.

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