Tips For White Ties In Formal Events

It’s that time again! Secretroom’s bi-monthly event, CybeRaver, will take place Saturday April 18 at the Jungle Club located at 2115 Faulkner Rd. The theme this month is Carnival of Chaos, so break out your sequins and bow-ties, top hats and clown make-up–it’s gonna be killer!

Balanced pink fashions for men: To add pink to your wardrobe in a subtle way, be sure to balance it with a dark or manly color. Slacks in a deep rich brown or charcoal gray will go nicely with a dress shirt with a series of pink and brown or gray stripes.

So if you are planning on decorating your classroom the first thing you should think is green. You can take small ribbon and cut it off in different lengths and then use scissors and curl the ribbon. Take scotch tape and hang the curled ribbon from the ceiling.

After my visit to the Bridal Expo Chicago/Milwaukee I realized “you’ve come a long way, baby” when it comes to groom’s tuxedos. The days of stiff black boxed jackets, white shirts and rectangular buy ties online are no longer the only items on the market. The models at the expo were wearing some of the most fantastic tuxedos from Black Tie Formalwear by designers Perry Ellis, Chaps, Jean Yves . These designers have created tuxedos that are trendy, up to date and extremely sexy.

Always, always be the best dressed person in the room. It’s better to be 10% over-dressed than 10% under-dressed. The US has been gradually shifting over the last several decades to becoming extremely casual-dress focused. That seems to be changing, particularly for menswear. I think part of it is the economy. We all have to dress to impress (and keep our jobs). Men should focus on fit, and the details of a few well chosen accessories.

Few realize, however, that Capote made a serious mistake while researching the book. When he came back from Europe in the late 50s he was wearing a bow tie. He wore it often while researching the book. He even wore it while interviewing the two killers, Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Smith.

Prints are great ways to bring a little fashion into your wardrobe. Since your accessories only take up a small amount of visual space, it’s OK to experiment with funky colors and prints. Mini medallions, paisley, checks and stripes are good places to start. Make sure your dress shirt incorporates a color from the print to tie it all together. The funkier and brighter your print and cool jeans for men, the fewer accessories you should wear. If you’ve got an electric blue paisley tie paired with a pale blue dress shirt and navy suit, you should never add a pocket square. As for those Christmas-themed ties and cheeky prints (rubber ducks, zebra stripes), leave them in the back of your closet or donate them to Goodwill.

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