The Living Wwe Legend Ric Flair – He Is Wrestling

10) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in “Game of Death” – He was funny in “Airplane”, but it was his role against Bruce Lee in this martial art classic. Who could forget his kick while sitting down that knocked the Martial Arts Superstar on his back. The 7’2 Kareem’s shows off some great moves and gives Lee’s character a run for his money before Lee kills him off.

A. Stepping into the promoting world and being a wrestler at the same time especially when you grab the bull by the horns and then learn about politics.

THANK YOU RIC FLAIR – Dusty called you a national treasure, well I’m from the UK and call you an International treasure. Your legacy will live on in all the stars you helped and in all the DVD collections of the fans.

Chips $1 – Go simple, just chips. I often buy nachos with the hot liquid cheese, but I know it’s bad for me. From the sales side it looks like a hassle.

“The Rock” is going to knock out some teeth. I can’t help it. I don’t Watch Wrestling Free and Dwayne Johnson will always be “The Rock”. Trying to imagine him as a tooth fairy is hysterical except, wait, that is a nickname because he punches out other pro hockey players’ teeth. Now it makes sense why he would have that name. Apparently, he somehow “dashes the hopes of several children” in the words of Wikipedia and must serve two weeks as a real tooth fairy. I cannot get the picture of this man in a tutu out of my head. I don’t know why. The movie poster shows him in pants with angel wings but I am imagining him in a dress. Gosh that’s funny. This movie already rocks. Lame pun intended. Tooth Fairy will be released on 22 Jan 2010.

2008: Ye’s ever-expanding blog becomes the outlet for his capital-letter frustration with just about everyone. In reponse to his arrest after an altercation with a photographer. “Let us not forget the paps killed princess Diana” he writes.

Here’s the difference between a fan of sports and a sports junkie. If I have no connection to the team (it’s not my alma mater or a home town team), I have no particular concern as to outcome. My husband, on the other hand, will get highly involved in a contest with the college of 4,337 students in Big Hole, Michigan against the teacher’s college in West Highway, Arkansas. But each to his own. I’m sure that my clothing habits are at least as challenging.

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The Living Wwe Legend Ric Flair – He Is Wrestling

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