Photo: Lindsey Vonn Reveals Her Bruised Knee Covered In Bandages On Facebook

2 years ago, in the cultural exchange program of South-East Asia youth (SSEAYP), I had a chance to experience the life with Muslim and Christian families; and now, I have more opportunities to explore the lives of the Jews.

Bring your a-game. If you are going to bother–with anything–give it your best. If you are going to attend the meeting, participate. Don’t sit in the corner and play with your Blackberry–everyone sees you and it screams, “I’m WAY too important for this waste of time.” I’m pretty sure you aren’t getting any texts from the President. In the middle of one disastrous date, the guy asked me if we could have a “real” second date. I’m thinking, “This was a real date and it’s the ONLY date we’ll ever have.” We all make mistakes, but you have to start by giving everything your best shot. This is your real life–the big show–everyday.

In fact, if they did not find the image they were looking for, then at least they might find something else that interests them in one of the ads. Providing relevant ads is actually doing a service for them.

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I made a decision that the look of my site was secondary to the optimization of it. It was a difficult decision to make…to create a text-heavy site. I even resisted it for several years. But eventually I came to believe that if someone was looking for an image for whatever reason then having them find that image on my build facebook fans site was more important than how the site looked.

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Create an outline for your article. Here’s a tip; if you want your articles to be read until the end, make them easy on the eyes. Break them down using either short paragraphs or number list. For each paragraph, discuss only one major point or idea to help your readers easily digest all the information that you’re giving out.

Learn how to write resource box that your readers would want to click. Your resource box is the gateway to your website or blog. When doing article marketing, your goal is to get as many readers as possible to click the links on this part. This will happen if they’re impressed with your articles, if your resource box is well-written, and if your call to action is benefit-driven.

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Photo: Lindsey Vonn Reveals Her Bruised Knee Covered In Bandages On Facebook

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