Myspace Layouts For Valentine’s Day

It’s not that the women in our lives expect more on Valentines Day than on an anniversary or a birthday, it’s just that Valentines Day is advertised. For a month beforehand the media and the ad-men are cooing into the ears of women everywhere, nurturing their expectations like tender seedlings from the local Little Shop of Horrors.

Make a coupon from regular typing paper. Just cut out a rectangle, making sure it is smaller than the card you made. Remember it has to fit inside. Decorate the coupon the same way you did the front of your card with the hearts. Instead of writing valentines day quotes for her write “For My Valentine”. Under that write “This coupon is good for:”. Finally draw two straight horizontal lines (you may need a ruler to help you draw the line straight). On the first line write what the coupon is good for. Here are some suggestions: Cleaning my room, Doing the Dishes, Breakfast in Bed, or Walking the Dog. On the last line sign your name. That’s it, your coupon is done.

Some people may prefer the long, stretchy balloons that clowns use at birthday parties to form into your favorite animal, hat, food or just about anything you can think of. Of course you don’t have to be a clown to turn a regular balloon into a dancing poodle. But, you do have to have a special talent. It takes years of practice and lots of popped balloons to master the art of balloon twisting. But, when you see the joy you can bring to children and adults alike, it’s worth all the popped ones and weird looking dogs that you’ve created as you practice.

For the tween boy who is into music, an iTunes gift card is perfect. With his gift card he can select any song that he loves from the iTunes website and download it to his iPod. You can purchase gift cards directly at the iTunes website. Choose the amount you want from $15 -$100 and it will be shipped within 1-2 business days.

Make a list for fixing your marriage – There are some very simple things you can do to begin improving your marriage starting today. There is no need to put it off any longer because none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. For example, could you be more polite, charming, respectful, considerate, complimentary, emotionally connected and concerned about your wife’s life? All of these take little time and go a long way in helping to transform your marriage.

Cut out 4 small diagonal slits on the inside back of your card. Carefully place your coupon in the slits. This will keep the coupon from falling out. You can always tape the card inside if you are unsure of how to make the slits.

I equate Jensen to Brad Pitt. I love Brad Pitt because he can play a character that has a sliding scale regarding morality, but at the same time have a boyishness quality makes you love his characters no matter what. I think of his character in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Here you have a hired killer, who is adorable and lovable without being a cartoon-like character. Not everyone can pull that off. Brad can and so can Jensen.

Personally I enjoy love, it’s a most wonderful addition on life’s shelf of experience. As a woman I enjoy a fun guy, an honest edge with a dash of reality. You know what I mean ladies, the kind of gentleman that offers more than just existence. Valentines Day can enlighten a heart whether friend or lover as Valentines Day can break the ice that may get in between mere existence and togetherness. Make the most of your Valentines Day by sharing heartfelt words, you may not regret it.

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