Keep Kitty Safe On Halloween

A month ago I wrote an essay on prayer and belief. In it I concluded, for myself, that if one is inclined to believe in God he should do so whole-heartedly and without reserve. Since it is a Choice to believe, despite any evidence for God (or the contrary), one’s Choice becomes enough evidence for the Believer. Some of us lose good luck charms and suffer deeply, affecting our lives. Reality is subjective. A woman who derides her husband for having an affair takes a much different perspective when she finds out the allegation is unfounded. She literally sees him differently, and her emotions and actions follow suit.

Cooney: 2-0 record so far! I’ve had numerous others planned but none went through for various reasons, mostly pull outs. I’m 2-0, with both fights ending via TKO strikes at 1:45 and 1:55 in the first round, respectively.

E! News reports that Ashley Greene thinks ‘he is entirely too busy’. Fans will just have to wait until his career opens up to get up close and personal with the vampire. But seriously he can’t even walk down the streets being attacked…imagine in open seas.

Sheer ribbon looks delicate and stylish when paired with a glass pendent, but other options can be successfully used. Buy three different colors of very narrow satin ribbon, and braid the ribbon to make the necklace chain. Thread it through the ends of a necklace clasp, and tie it securely or crimp the ends as directed above.

There are so many options available to complete the Halloween werewolf Harry Potter shirts. If you are the crafty type then this costume would be a breeze to create. All you would need is fake fur, makeup, a flannel shirt, torn up jeans, some ears, and fangs. There are many websites on the Internet that have step-by-step instructions on ways to create the costume from scratch.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the blind men who all touch different parts of an elephant and so, using their unique perspective, describe the animal in very different ways. Your world is your perspective. Some of us follow dreams closely, some of us worry incessantly. Maybe you run to the other side of the road when you see a hooded teenager coming down the street. Your actions are based on how you see the elephant, how you perceive the world.

Personally, I always loved Santa’s gifts the best. A small chain, a travel bottle of shampoo, or even a roll of Secret deodorant would get a special place in my heart because it came out of the stocking and was from Santa.

This is the perfect time to and indulges your child’s wild side. Allow them to wear a Halloween werewolf costume, as they creep to each neighbor’s door and growl “Trick-or-treat.” Maybe you could join them in your own version of a werewolf then a howling good time would be had by all! Just be sure to squelch the urge to howl at the moon as the neighborhood may not appreciate that.

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