How To Build Your Own Home – Lesson 2 – The Building Lot – Part Iv

In a previous article I explained how to properly replace a 2 wire receptacle. I explained several options to make a safe and code compliant installation. The two easiest option were explained. This article will expand to how to replace a 2 wire receptacle with a 3 wire receptacle safely and meet code.

Empty the space. After you took care of all the preparations as well as the permits, it is time to empty the garage. An empty space is easier to work with. In addition to that, this is the best opportunity to remove the clutter from the space. With it, you will see how big the area that you will be working with.

Have all the tools and materials you need available before you start your project — starting a job without the necessary tools and supplies will slow down the job and delay your progress. And make sure you buy quality tools. They’re a wise investment.

You may have a dynamite 1,000 square foot house plan but there are many areas, because of the zoning, where you cannot build a 1,000 square foot home.

Pay Attention to Detail- As soon as your potential roofing contractor shows attention to details like dressing nice, presenting bids on professional stationary and promptly returning bids ensures you’re getting the best of the best.

When I talked to the City of Quincy town of islip codes, they said a product brochure with clearance and venting information would be helpful. You can get all this information by visiting the stove manufacturer’s website, downloading the owner’s manual and printing it out.

Lay the bars on the flat ground using 4 of the bars in each direction perpendicular to each other to form a mat with 4 bars facing East-West and 4 bars facing North-South, one set on top of the other. For a 2′ x 2′ footing, your bars will be 1′-6″ long each. Concrete protocol requires 3″ of clearance from the end of each bar to the edge of the concrete. (that is just the way it is).

Not all plans come with this level of detail. A lot of free plans are just drawings, leaving you to guess on the material list yourself. You will waste a lot of time figuring out exactly what you need and probably end up spending more money than you have to. So be careful when selecting your plans. It is definitely worth it to invest a few dollars in some well designed and highly detailed blueprints.

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How To Build Your Own Home – Lesson 2 – The Building Lot – Part Iv

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