How To Become A Success Story In Network Marketing

With more than a 100 factors that are used in determining website rankings, you could spend a lot of time analyzing your competition and deciding upon your marketing strategy. However some of the ranking factors have more importance than others, so in the interest of time, we usually focus on just a few key items.

3- Use Technology – We should consider ourselves lucky to have so much of amazing technologies like cell phone, instant messaging, internet etc. These awesome technologies help us stay connected with our family even when we are far away from them. It provides us with an opportunity to make our near and dear ones laugh out loud. You can use your cell phone to send Funny SMS Messages to your family. You can create some funny videos using your web cam or mobile cam and upload them to Subscribers for YouTube and send the video link to your family. It will make them laugh out loud.

Silence the voice of fear. What you resist, persists. Don’t try to suppress that voice. Acknowledge the voice by telling it, “Thank you for sharing, now be quiet.” An even strong message is, “Thank you for sharing, not shut up.” Say either one as many times as necessary for about 3 days and the voice will be silenced.

To be a great ball handler (which is key to any position on the court) one must be able to examine the floor (keeping your head up), while handling the ball. At high speeds, the ball handler can not risk worrying about if she / he will be able to have total control over the ball, especially when you execute a break. Everyone on the team is reliant on the ball handler to get the ball moving on the floor and being the center point to making something happen.

Learn from your friends. I would be willing to bet that if you are a skater, some of your friends are too, and some of them probably know more than you (hard to believe I know).

Design your video to be used in a re-mix. Having the ability to insert changes leaves opportunity open for you to make a series. And clips of your video may be added to a “Best of…” video sometime down the line.

Unfortunately, the voting has ended for the award. Just today, for Pete’s sake! Oh well, we’ll have to wait to see who is chosen as the winning (Andrew, if there’s any rhyme or reason to the Universe) artist. The show will be on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.

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How To Become A Success Story In Network Marketing

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