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When it comes to pool pumps, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Therefore first and foremost, you should know what exactly is the suitable pump to use in the kind of pool that you want to set up. If not, then some adjustments are necessary and some problems might occur too.

Earth filters get their name from the fact that the use diatomatious earth to filter the water. Diatomatious earth looks just like fine powdered chalk. Sand filters function the same way but they can’t remove as fine of particles that an earth filter can. However, sand filters can handle greater amounts of water in a shorter amount of time.

For instance, an owner a pool that holds 12,970 gallons of water decides that he wants to circulate his pool every six hours. To compute, divide the total gallons of water by six. That would be equivalent to 2,162 gallons per hour to circulate. Then divide that figure by 60 (the number of minutes in an hour) to find the gallons per minute. In this example, the flow rate of about 36 gpm. In this example, the owner must purchase a pump with 36 gpm. If you’re in doubt, you can contact your contractor to do the computation and recommend the best pool pump for you.

That’s when Pool Pumps come in handy. A vital equipment of any swimming pool system, Palmetto Pool Service are responsible for keeping the water in your swim pool constantly circulating to avoid bacteria from forming.

You can also use a solar pool cover to keep your pool warmer. Even if you live in an already warm climate, this will help retain heat to keep your pool warmer on cloudy days or for nighttime swimming. These covers usually keep your pool around fifteen degrees warmer. If used in addition to a pool heater or pump, they can keep maintenance costs for heating a pool low.

Size of the swimming pool. The size of the pool will determine the amount of water it can support. After measuring the amount of water the pool can hold, the owner can calculate the flow rate of the pool. Flow rate is the amount of water that can be circulated within a specific period of time and the unit of measure is gallons per minute or gpm.

If your current swimming pool pump is nearing replacement, consider a high efficiency, two speed pump at the correct horsepower rating. With a two speed pump you normally run the pump on low except for vacuuming and backwashing. The low speed is much quieter and consumes much less electricity.

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