Fashion Accessories For The Stylish Male

It was with a good amount of excitement that I walked into the Southcenter Nordstrom this past Friday morning to peruse and partake of their Half-Yearly Sale for Men.

The trick to wearing pink, like any other bold color, is to do it with key pieces. If you are feeling bold and want to try wearing a pink and gray argyle sweater this winter, I say go for it. But you obviously shouldn’t layer on a pink scarf as well. Try anchoring the look with a masculine scarf, such as one in a black or gray. For subtlety, you can also look for a tie that has a small pink diagonal stripe in it. For example, a diagonally striped tie in black, white and pink is really quite sharp and would look excellent with a black suit.

After he mentions about being lumped in a category of sports writers, therefore athletes already having a certain attitude at an interview, he realizes, (after seeing some older photos of himself and his clothes), much of the “disdain” as he puts it is not due to his physical stature, but the manner in which he dressed.

Matching coloured silk mens accessories has me utterly lost. Is the square coordinated with a coloured shirt or the tie? Is Irish linen too light for a square? Do I have to fold them in the various cavalier zigzags or is a crisp square fold still acceptable?

That would be a social faux pas not quite as serious as Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during her performance at the U.S. Superbowl, but in a smaller way it would be the men’s equivalent. The only thing worse would be wearing a set of ill-fitting trousers, that suddenly rip when you bend slightly to offer your hand to a lady. Get the right kind of socks and make sure they stay in place.

With a great mix of unique business casual, modern professional, semi-formal evening wear and vintage menswear you will find clothing for all occasions.

Note: All the accessories shown in the video, except the shoes, were from Nordstrom Department Store located at International Mall in Tampa, and Ross Discount Retailer located in Clearwater Mall.

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