Expect The Unexpected – Basic Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival skills are a must if you are planning an adventure into the woods and mountains. Being prepared is the best means of survival. By practicing the necessary skills beforehand, not only will the enjoyment of the adventure be enhanced, but so will your safety.

Putting your money into cash reserves, such as U.S. Treasury bills or money market funds, has yielded roughly 4.2 percent per year during this century.

F. Kim O’Neill: I’d heard of other survival guides in the marketplace, but they’d been written by individuals whose credentials when it came to subjects like combat, survival skills, and tactics were either in question or nonexistent. This is not to take away from their work, but I thought that if you really wanted to learn how to get by when the inevitable zombie threat arose and became unmanageable, you’d want to be taught by someone with experience: Someone who’s been there and done that, or at least come close.

Screw the deposit, thought Lobo. He felt a strange sense of conviction and peace, knowing how easy it would be to sneak out, sell the car, and then, some early morning very soon, hike out over the ridges toward the ancient forest. He would get a www.thelostwaysreview.net and live off wild plants. He would grow a beard and become an expert on things. Wise, like a raven.

Only a movie, yes, but it’s a powerful lesson nonetheless. What one man can do, another can do. If those men can slay a movie bear, you can slay the money bear.

If you have ingredients to make bread, pancakes, or anything like them here is a wilderness survival tip. With bread dough, roll it into a strip and wrap it around a stick to cook. Pancakes can be made in the same way with a little less efficiency. Try to thicken the batter as much as possible. Dip in a stick and place it over the fire while rolling it fairly quickly to keep as much as possible from dripping off. A heated rock could also be used to make pancakes or bread. Scavenging a piece of metal to cook on is best if possible.

Remember, practice these skills now and hope to never have to use them. But if you ever find yourself in a wilderness survival situation you will be ready.

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Expect The Unexpected – Basic Wilderness Survival

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