Do Not Wait To Buy Real Estate

Remember playing the game Monopoly? You had all of the cash. You were raking in the dough. You bought real estate… and you built houses. You were killin’ it! People would land on your properties and they would have to pay you rent. Cash money baby!

If your goal is to gain visibility as a Real estate witness experts, talk about real estate issues and news. Trends you’re seeing (or reading about). Helpful tips for prospective buyers. Things that new homeowners need to know. Posts that will get real estate reporters to follow you.

He had said he valued me as a Realtor. He respected me as a professional. He understood that my market knowledge and understanding of the issues involved in his unique co-op apartment in a Real Estate Market where co-ops were a rarity brought value to the transaction.

Yes, it is absolutely critical to make sure your home is staged when taking photographs for the listing. Those pictures will appear online and they are responsible for getting people through the front door. You can’t get people through the door if they don’t like what they see online. So those pictures online are absolutely crucial.

A buyers market is what we are experiencing today. There are more properties then there are buyers. Banks have made it more difficult for buyer to qualify for home ownership. The buyer has their choice of many properties, and can offer a below market price for a property. Many times it will be accepted. Northwest Indiana Realtors watch as prices go down every month. They know it is discouraging for the home owners who need to sell their house. Northwest Indiana real estate agents encourage homeowners to list their home at a real market value. Many homeowners find this hard to do, because they are losing equity every month. That means less money at the closing table for them. This is a very stressful time for people who cannot sell their home.

This is a common problem in fast real estate markets, but can be a factor anytime. Definitely in slower markets, you need to stand out from the competition. Make sure that the paint looks good, all the lights function, there are no tears in the carpets or defective items anywhere. Contrary to popular opinion, buyers are NOT looking to buy your home…..they ARE looking for reasons to eliminate it from their list of possibles. Consider this: Buyers have many choices. If they go out to look at 15 properties, naturally they need to eliminate all but one from that list. That is the mindset they are in, and you need to assure your property stands out in a good way.

If you can find an agent who has a comprehensive website with a facility to make preliminary searches, that would be a great option too. Instead of searching for homes to buy, if you can spend time searching for a good buyer’s agent, you would probably get a much better deal at the end of the day.

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